bespoke leather handbags handcrafted in Denver, CO

Jay Davis- The Jessie

The Jessie

The Jessie Capsule is essentially me - “Jessie.” A nickname given by my grandfather. She represents a woman who is elevated, ever evolving, loves the frills, but honors simplicity. So affordable you’ll be able to collect all 7 colors! She’s the perfect leather handbag for day, travel or night.

Jay Davis Bags - Bread Bar

Bespoke Beauties

Designer, Jess Davis brings to life each handbag by making truly one of a kind pieces. These rocker chic bags are either built to purchase immediately or custom designed for each client. JDB takes pride in knowing that each client is carrying a piece that is an expression of themselves. Each handbag created is unique - they are “art to wear” handbags. Slow Fashion isn’t just a trend, its a way of life. JDB embodies that belief.


Bridal Collections

JDB is honored to be a part of any person’s special day. Whether it’s a handbag for the bride or a full collection for the bridal party as well, Jay Davis is that perfect bespoke touch to any wedding. Jess began working with brides years ago and instantly fell in love with her clients. These are the gifts that keep giving well after the weekend of festivities. Bridesmaids send photos months later carrying their handbag around the world. It’s the perfect way to say, “Thank you for being a part of magical day and I’m always thinking about you.”


The Limited Series

Three times a year, designer Jess Davis creates a Limited Series. Each collection has a theme, no two handbags are alike and the release of these collections are on a first come first serve basis. Every summer look forward to The Limited Summer Series - Rockstar Collection. Jess creates handbags that are inspired by female musicians that have influenced and empowered women in a great way.