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Jay designs and creates all of her handbags. Every handbag is imagined first by laying out the leather to view it’s natural shape. From there Jay creates. Every handbag is made with care, passion, and love. JDB is a slow fashion brand nestled up to the Santa Fe Arts District, in Denver.

Jay Davis grew up in an iron yard. At a very young age, she could be found on her parents' salvage yard and iron recycling plant, slinging tires and crushing rims for her allowance money - most of which was immediately spent on handbags. She has always considered herself a tomboy with a penchant for beautiful things.

Her first leather bag was created in an 8th grade history class after a unit on medicine bags, and she began crafting her own bags. Her one-of-a-kind creations began immediately catching the eyes of teachers, classmates and parents, and she had a thriving small business on her hands. Several years later, after an internship with a couture designer in Manhattan, a few years in a costume shop building Elizabethan costumes, Jay now resides in Denver, Colorado, where she enjoys road tripping, rock collecting, vintage hunting, and creating moving pieces of art (which happen to also serve as functional handbags and purses.)

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Jess features Creative Tips, Female Entrepreneurs, Fun JD Facts and more every week! Follow along JDB’s Instagram Stories & Feed. Get to know the designer behind the brand weekly and watch this small business grow. When you purchase from Jay Davis Bags, you’re not only buying a handbag. JDB represents female empowerment, community, art and slow fashion. These core values are deeply rooted in Jess’s mission as an artist and designer.

All of Jay's bags are handmade in Denver, Colorado with locally-sourced materials.